Game controller suggestions

I’m searching for a game controller to experiment with and perhaps use in the upcoming season. Preferably, I’d like it to have two joystick-like controls and a USB connector for my computer. I can make use of either a playstation or xbox controller with a USB adapter if those work best. Please let me know where they might sell some and their relative costs. Thanks!

$11.99 is a very good price for something having this device’s reputation for reliability. Reviews for it are strongly positive. I had the TechnoKats purchase a couple of them for development work, and they do seem well-built with an impressively long and sturdy USB cable. The cooling fan might be a gimmick, but a couple of the students thought it was a very good idea.

The range of motion on a game controllers thumb-activated “joystick” is extremely small. I suspect we’ll have to come up with some fancy software to make it easy for the driver to control the robot well using them.