Game Data Analysis - Should be a simple question

I have what should be a simple question.

How can you get a list of all the games you played in this year?

I know you can use the api from the blue alliance to grab the data, but I am wondering if there is a simpler way.

At this point this is an end-point. I just need a list of the events/games that my team participated in this past year (2018pnw).

Let’s see what people come up with.

Why not use the TBA API? It is very simple to use.

What format do you need the list in? does seem to have a nice human readable list that I think fits your criteria?

Some creative copy-paste could get it into an easier-to-use format.

I know OP asked for alternatives, but I think this is really the simplest answer.

To prove it, I ran an experiment. I have never accessed the blue alliance API before.

I created a profile, an auth key and retrieved my team’s events within 15 minutes following only TBA online instructions.

I used to do it all online, without writing a single line of code

Querey URL:

TBA then dumped a bunch of JSON containing info about every match we were in this year.

OP - can you clarify what " simpler way " means to you?

Event/team specific details, including each event match, awards won, and district ranking:

I don’t know of a way to automate this, but I’m 2018pnw, 997 only played one game: Power Up

Big if true.