Game data. Wanting more.

like many of you out there when I learned we where getting data this year from FMS about the game I envisioned current score and other field data. Watching matches i wish we had the status of the switch. If your middle robot doesn’t complete its task in auto then one of the others could try to make it up. Sure you could just stubble up from the start. Also during teliop with differences from event to event having our own score board would be valuable.

Well it’s year one. I’m looking forward to this expanding.

Status of Switch on Video

You mean these (outlined in red)?


I think he means this data being relayed to the robots in real-time just like we can do DriverStation.getGameSpecificData()

Ah, that would make sense.

Yes Sorry I was not clear. I know the audience both live and online always have a great view of the live score. Yes I was looking for it in the robot.