Game Day Prep - What to Pack to Spectate in FRC

If you’re looking for an even lower calorie solution, with a bit of fizz and a hit of caffeine (I have a 3-5 cup a day coffee habit), Nuun caffeinated electrolyte tablets make for a great combination with a reusable water bottle.

If you’re fighting a sore throat or competition crud, Fisherman’s Friend cough drops are also my go-to product. They have a very distinct flavor, but once you get past that they’re incredibly effective.

If you end up standing through most of the competition (whether as a volunteer or competitor), remember to stretch often and keep moving. Your feet, legs, and lower back will thank you. Here are some of my favorite stretches that help me get through or recover from an event (with the disclaimer that I’m not a medical professional, and you should consider consulting your doctor, physical trainer, or other professional to find the stretches that are right for you) :

  • Neck roll
  • Ankle pumps and rolls
  • Knee bends
  • Calf raises and dips
  • Half-moon pose
  • Supine Twist
  • Low Squats
  • Forward bend
  • Torso stretch

As a percussionist in my band’s drumline I agree with both of these. Etymotic works really well for our drumline. They work really well in letting sound through at a less louder level but still keeping the quality and clarity. If you want to go non name brand it is up to you, I would search for musicians earplugs. I personally use Vic Firth reusable earplugs from a local music store and they work great.


Neat, I’ll have to look into these.

Great suggestions so far folks!

What I’m hearing that I should implement Team Yoga Time mid-morning and mid-afternoon


when there is a break in the match play because of a field time out Mccs should lead streaching and have all of the people in the stands streach


This is part of our “expectations” talk that we give the team before every regional.
I also completely agree: Axe is not Deodorant!


This would be an opportunity for the advanced yoga practitioners to warm up for levitating their robots onto the Rung :wink:

What is this “spectate” that people are talking about?

Volunteer, and they will supply you with hydration and your duties will keep you moving.

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Well that’s one way to bring me out of hiding. :slight_smile: Pro tip: Make sure you’re conscious of where you are in physical space, you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone - or scuff their shoes!

This thread is a great resource. Keep it up!


Imma power me up with some powerups!

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The UNH District Event here in New England has traditionally not allowed food or drink other than an empty water bottle into the venue… but we always brought a few plastic bottles of water for quick hydration needs between matches in with our pit materials.

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DeWalt bifocal safety glasses,, $12 with Prime Shipping. The best!

Not on your list, but a good bleacher seat that has a back. And if you’re traveling by air, an inflatable pad might be your best best if you don’t have room for a folding seat. This is my pad:

“Deodorant - seriously, this should go for everyone attending events. Good hygiene is a form of practicing safety.“

Our team gave away dollar store deodorant with our team logo sticker as swag 1 year. Put 1 in each pit and gave 1 to Pit Admin. We got thank you’s from coaches/mentors/volunteers! We ran out very quickly - people were preferring the Deo over our standard buttons! Asked if we had any more…


One more tip to add to the many great ones here: Label your stuff with your name. If you have your favorite safety glasses or reusable water bottle or whatever, it’s much more likely to make its way back to you when you leave it somewhere if your name is on it.


And team number. It’s easier for someone to find your team pit and let your teammates figure out who it belongs to.


The main problem with bleachers for me isn’t the hard surface under my butt, it’s the lack of a backrest. Seat pads don’t help with that.


For me it is the butt pad. I’ve got a tailbone injury from sliding down a flight of stairs a while back. Definitely need something like the cushion I linked above.


After reading your section about hydration, I think you may have missed this article… :cold_face: