Game Design Challenge Discussion

A place to discuss rules and ask questions about the 2021 Game Design Challenge. This might be helpful, it might not.


Also, the manual mentioned getting creative with team participation. There is a requirement of 6 teams, but a suggestion to change up the usual 3 and 3 format. What are your thoughts on how this could potentially work? It could be really interesting!

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2 on 2 on 2. I’d like to see a game where the alliance affects less of what color bumpers you have and which side you’re on, but what your actual goal is. Monkey in the Middle?

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Review the 1998 game… then figure out how well changing up 3v3 will work.

Also review 2001 and 2015.


The reason it’s alliance vs alliance is that in 1998, many many games ended up 2v1 instead of 1v1v1.

2001 and 2015 are examples of what happens when you play Xv0 or XvClock–they’re among the most universally despised games from a competition standpoint.


Good points, however, that only happens if there are not game-mechanic reasons to not gang up. Therein lies the rub.

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Game-mechanic reason:

254 and 1323 are on the same alliance.

Your options are to gang up or lose. Doesn’t matter what the game is.


That is a really good point that I hadn’t thought of when thinking about ways to make new alliance systems. This could really increase the incentive and amount of teaming/throwing which doesn’t embody gracious professionalism.

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Nah, it’s just lose or lose.


I dunno. 254 and 1323 in a 3v2 while #4 scores a couple of points is going to be close.

That’s assuming you gang up. If you don’t, it won’t be.

Chain? What? I wish there was some corporate sponsor forcing them to use it but it just seems to random.

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I think sometimes HQ might have something like that–“incorporate this even though it makes no sense”.

Pro-tip: 2006, 2010, 2016, and 2007 all had chains on the field–think 2013 did as well.

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Didn’t the chain always serve the same purpose in those games (to stop the ball/game piece from bouncing out of a goal)? Jokes aside, we found some workable ideas for the chain but it’s still just odd.


Remember, you just have to include the chain, at least from my initial reading of the rules, for one of the awards.

And, uh… most often it stopped the game piece from bouncing into the goal. 2007 might be a better move, as it gave the Rack Spiders flexibility.

You could have shooting goals suspended by chains, that would be cool

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I thought ‘the plan’ was that we use the chain as a replacement for the truss in Aerial Assault, and all submit that.


Game Chain-gers. :wink:


One of my ideas for adding chain to a game was this:

Until I read Most rig contractors have discontinued the use of spinning chains because of high accident rates.


4549 calls dibs on a tank mine sweeper game!!!



5818 says they’ll just use their 2019 robot with a slight modification…


I’ve colloquially dubbed that intake the “carwash intake”.

Not sure what Andrew and Mike put in the Kool-Aid down in Santa Barbara, but I’m absolutely here for the chaotic energy that is Riviera Robotics.