Game Design Challenge Discussion

I only know 2015 of the 2 but i think that’s enough.

Not sure how my game design would hold up if defense is not present though…

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So the “game design” does not have to be Star Wars themed? Did that requirement run out?

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I haven’t seen any particular theming requirement.

Imagery… well, that would imply having a theme. But I imagine that theming can be added later if required.

I personally can’t imagine being required to make a game design fit in with a sponsor when the game is set to be played in the future.
From my understanding, it doesn’t say when the winning designs will be incorporated into a future game, but I expect it to be at least 2 years between the winning design and the actual game FIRST provides.

Slightly on that topic - If I read the manual correctly, imagery/creativity awards won’t advance you alone. You have to win the Designer’s or Concept award to advance.

But my question is, how much creativity and pretty colors are even required to win the Designers or concept? Do you need a culmination of characteristics from all of the smaller awards (imagery, creativity, engineering) to get an advancing award?


That’s how I read the following from the Designers Award:

The winner of this award should be a strong candidate for some other awards in this challenge.

The Concept Award is for an interesting, realistic game concept (that uses the chain).


So what if a team manages to design some pretty sick game, but the interview doesn’t go well? How much of an impact would that be?

Similarly, if a team manages to get the ideas out but the game isn’t well planned, but the interview was amazing, how would it affect the judging process?

That I don’t know.

I haven’t seen any posts on this so

PSA, note the chain explanation:


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You gotta love contradictions. They should be more specific in both places.

Reading is usually a good thing to do before responding.


This will definitely be in Team Update 01.

No, it won’t.

Concept Award requires the Chain.

NO OTHER AWARD does. You pulled up the Concept Award Guidelines…

I’d be a lot more concerned if those were the Designer’s Award guidelines.


Huh. I see.

Yeah… there are definitely contradictions and ambiguity in the manual, but this isn’t one of them.

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Though, I do see a contradiction in the terms of the guidelines, where the “item from the KOP” use is under the “team can explain” but teams aren’t required to use that specific item.

So I suspect that that particular line was initially a boilerplate “we’re going to give teams an item in their KOP” and then they forgot to change that line before Kickoff to “chain”. Happens occasionally

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Why no water game? Seriously, I’m trying to figure out if FIRST would accept a marine themed game with no water involved. But are they worried there is always going to be that one idiot who dunks their robot in water?

I mean you heard what they said during the kickoffs for the game design right? they want games that rookie teams can pick up and veterans can enjoy too. now think about the learning curve for a rookie team there is a reason we see “defense bots” that can’t even shoot on the field at regionals. I think it would be bonkers for the first to come out with a water game if they still want the rookie teams that are actually good against the veterans. of course if you can come up with a water game that everyone can enjoy than that’s great.

Ever see the movie Spare Parts?

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You need to.

Take a bunch of (inexperienced) high school students and throw them in the deep end against MIT in an underwater robotics competition.

Spoiler: MIT didn’t win.

Spoiler #2: True story.