Game Design Challenge Peer Awards

Hello all,

We are FRC Team 862, Lightning Robotics, and we are proud to present our Game Design Challenge peer awards. Throughout the past few weeks using posts on ChiefDelphi and public YouTube playlists containing Game Design Submissions, we have put together a list of awards and teams that fit the awards. While we are just one opinion out of many, we encourage your team to participate in awarding different peer awards to submissions that you thought fit a category, or were just all out “cool”. Both our students and mentors saw several amazing games in the earlier CD thread, but below are the 9 awards that we came up with. Feel free to adapt/create your own.

Unique Game Concept - 2877 (Locomotive Linkage):

Best Video or Animation - 4342 (Harvest):

Best Use of Chain - 694 (Rhythm Remix):

Best Name - 125 (Parmesan Panic):

Best Field Design - 3419 (Disco Fiasco):

Best Game Pieces - 3941 (Aegis Ascent):

Best Logo - 7851 (Ethereal Connections):

Best Theme - 341 (HyperHive):

Honorable Mention - 3476 (Reactor Crisis: Gilbert Cut):
we had a lot of fun watching this one, but we really liked your game idea also!


Good stuff!

My one cent:

Honorable mention: FRC 3512’s Time Trouble


Ahh thanks man.

This is neat idea. That 4342 animation was legit incredible.


Could you provide links to the respective game animations/docs for each award? Thanks!


Aye thanks so much!! Love this. Reminds me of picking a team at in-person competitions for the safety award.


Each of them should now have the correct animations/docs connected to them


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