Game Design Critique

Our team has come up with a preliminary game design to work on for the coming season. We are looking for a few people with more experience in FRC games to review our ideas and offer constructive criticism. The current team, as well as former members, have been playing around with a game design for a couple of years, and they believe it would be a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes look for any problems/issues before moving forward. Would anybody be interested in reviewing their design? Thanks in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing the actual rules, to determine what will be necessary to properly submit our game design. We are hopeful that it will be allowable to have non-team members to review our design prior to submission.

To help keep students interested, we are considering prototyping and building a robot that would be able to play the game they have designed. We are able to have access to our shop, and a skeleton build team to work on in it (3 students and 2 mentors all in the same family).


Sure, sign me up.

Send it over!


I would be happy to help



sounds fun, sign me up

Thanks to those who offered to review our game. We will forward an executive summary and field drawing after kickoff for your review. We look forward to your critique.


Sure! Send it over!

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