Game Discussion Round Table: FirstTunes Podcast Episode 5

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FirstTunes 5 - Logomotion 2011

On Janurary 8th, 2011, FIRST released a new game for the 2011 FRC season. That game is LogoMotion. On this episode of the FirstTunes podcast, I bring in a panel of expert FIRST enthusiasts, to discuss the 2011 games and all it’s quirks in a round-table discussion.

Thanks to all of those who came on!

To all those who showed interest in coming on earlier in the week, I still have plenty of episodes where I need people, just PM me and we can work some stuff out.

Sorry about getting this out late, but I had some hosting issues I needed to take care of.

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Well another week, another episode. Here’s a preview of the first Build Season edition of FirstTunes

First Tunes 6 – Build Season Week 1 – FRSee Virtual Collaboration Network

On this episode of the FirstTunes Podcast:

  • News on Updates 1 & 2

  • Discussing the robot Camera

  • Jeff Spatz, Paul Shackelford, and Sami Powell from 1986 come on to discuss the FRSee: Virtual Collaboration Network.

  • Dave poses the first FirstTunes Asks question.


Thanks to Jeff Spatz, Paul Shackelford, and Sami Powell from 1986 and FRSee for comeing on the show.

Listen to the show:

I listened to the first bit of your show, and I’d like to confirm that the camera we have is sufficient. Actually the issue I ran into was more the target design than the camera.

Here’s the video of it driving to a target using vision:

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

FirstTunes 7 - Build Season Week 2 - Running an Efficient Build Space

On Episode 7 of the FirstTunes Podcast, we’ll start off by going through some news that came out this week, including Team Updates 3 and 4.

In order to run and keep a peaceful build season, teams need to have there build spaces well organized and clean. I’m joined by Kyle Twarog of 1071 to discuss ways of running a clean, safe, and efficient build space.

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30 Days until Robot Ship, and 93 until the FIRST Championship in St. Louis.

Running Time: 24 Minutes 8 Seconds

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On Episode 8 of the FirstTunes, we’ll start the episode off by jumping straight into the news. We’ll hear from Bill Miller about the FRC Bronze Medallions as well as Team Updates 5&6.

In today’s day in age social media has become a big part of our lives. With that change, social media is becoming an interesting and important part of FRC. On each of edition of Robotics in Social Media, I’ll take you through a social media platform, and discuss how to apply it to robotics. On this edition, we’ll talk about the popular social network, Facebook.

2 weeks ago I had asked the first FirstTunes asks questions to you guys. You all did a great job at responding, so I have your responses, as well as a new question for everyone to answer.

I’ll go over some announcements at the end so enjoy this week’s episode of the FirstTunes podcast.

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23 Days until Robot Ship, and 86 until the FIRST Championship in St. Louis.

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