game element

ok CD im asking your help now im designing a game and im looking for a unique scoring element here is the criteria

has to be able to stack
has to be built like the tetras (only poles nothing in between)

i already have the end game scoring game


This part got me confused. When you say nothing in between, do you mean a concept similar to a jack (like the game jacks)?

If yes, then that can be very difficult to stack. The best I could think of is how tall the unorganized pile of tetra-jacks there are.

If no (they are like usual tetras), then you could probably stack them on different pillars.
Scoring would be…
Low pillar (8): 2 + 2t
Medium pillar (4): 4 + 4t
High pillar (2): 8 + 8t
t = number of tetras

Its a thought…

Could we know what competition this is for?


this is for a vex game and what i ment was the object would be made of just poles not a solid object like the boxes in “stack attack” but like the tetras where they could be grabbed and on the field already is a zone primarly for stacking that has poles that the scoring object can be stacked upon

Maybe take a look at the FRC 2005 Game [FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]TRIPLE PLAY[/size][/FONT]


You could scale down the game pieces for vex.

Soccer disc conesworked in a Vex game I played once.

Jacks were mentioned earlier, why not use them? They can be stacked (albeit it is difficult) They are also readily available in a variety of sizes and materials. Specify a size and a material and they should be relatively easy to get a hold of. As an additional benefit, you can stack them in different ways. The balls could also be used somehow too (since you buy them usually together)

I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but… This game needs more Cowbell!

This one is cheap, good size for Vex, stackable (though likely unstable after a few in height), and it has a nice open loop on top. They are also easy to paint for point differentiators, and can be useful/annoying once the season is over.

i do honestly like the cowbell idea but it does not work with the field i have set up already

the field has posts that are of various heights from 3-17" and the cowbells cannot be stacked upon these posts but they are a very interesting idea

the soccer cones have been used and I’m trying to do something totally different. i know what the tetras look like and i was looking for an idea of a different shape made in the same fashion

any ideas on what they can be stacked on besides themselves because the idea i have is to stack the item on something for a multiplier score for the more you have connected to each other


b r r
b b r
r b b
3" 5" 7"

red has a 3x multiplier because they have 3 connected
blue has a 5x multiplier because they have 5 objects connected

poles are of various heights so for this example they are 3", 5", and 7" poles

They are a 4 leg base, so a pyramid will work as long as the slope is about the same. They have a hook on them so they could be hung.

thanks for specs and like i said that really is a good idea for a game element and i think that it could be implemented very well thanks for the cool idea i may have to use that one because i haven’t seen anything like it and i try to have a somewhat original idea when im designing a game.

you are very right FIRST does need more COWBELL!!!