Game-- FIRST Related Items...

So Rich Wong just uploaded a new picture of his office…

Here’s the deal, name any ONE thing that is FIRST related in his office…

Me first!! - upper right hand corner, blue lens cover with a FIRST sticker or something on it.

Who’s next?

I spy a group of FIRST medals!

i see some sort of an spiffy looking glass award in the upper right.

2003 Stack Attack Graphic!

Is that the game manual or yearbook?
(lower left, on his desk pressed up against the cube-wall)

gasp Is that an old-school light cover I see in the upper righthand corner?? :yikes:

That’s a 2000 battery in the lower right corner, isn’t it? (Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: )

AHHHH! :eek:

This is soooooo weird; I’ma game on CD!

I’m just speculating, but that striped thing in the lower right looks like one of those laminated flag-papers (The ones with your team number on them) that one Texan team handed out at Nationals.

Pretty sure it’s one of the Volunteer of the Year awards. :slight_smile:

Red Button that says FIRST 2003. I have one of those. I think it was the official NYC FIRST 2003 button?? or something like that. Rich, help me out here. What’s the word(s) below the 2003?

Rich: Dude, it’s the 2003 UTC Regional Button.

Yeah… I knew that… :ahh: :rolleyes:

gasp Tom Shindler beat you too it- you lose! :eek:

The picture of Woodie Flowers on the cabinets?

Aww … that’s what I get for not reading closely enough! :o

reads replies

OK, how about the lanyard around his neck - that could be one of the blue, SME lanyards we got in 2001/2002… :slight_smile:

There’s a small robot model on the far left top of the cabinet.