Game Hint #1

Another Fish?!

This was on:

YES!!! you know what this means…


Take a look at the image from an angle to your screen. There is a silhouette and some illegible text in the background.

while it’s red, that it’s notably not a herring…

Finally a game hint :))

I can see the writing when tilting my screen but its hard to make out:confused:

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go. Start your insanity!

And now there is no chance of ANY of us doing anything but discussing this for the next 300 responses.

How long until someone posts a copy with the text saturated and darkened in ps? I bet 2 hrs.

Seth, how did you find this link, I can’t seem to get to it unless I follow your link… is it under the manual?

Look deeper, kids. The letters are written backwards…

I am working on it now, I started by looking at the meta data for the photo. I don’t think the text will tell us anything except a clue to what book this was scanned out of.

Anyone know what kind of fish this is?

I’m calling the bluff. No water game.

Crosses fingers.

CRAP< THE LETTERS ARE BACKWARDS. :D. My friend knows how to read backwards. hehehehe. [muahahhaha]

Can anyone make out the shape in the background? It looks like a hat or a flying saucer…?

@Beth Sweet: If you go to , then go under already invovled, FRC, it’s right there.

It looks to be a Lampris Guttatus, commonly called an Opah.

Here is a Wikipedia link: > already involved > FRC > the Game Hint link on that page

It’s a fish


Ah yes, there it is, totally missed it. Thanks!

My first thought wasn’t a water game.
More like a fat fish who just “ATE.”
Maybe like 2006 and “EAT” (collect) balls (fish pellets) until we are full.
Then, fire away!

The image and writing in the background could be of the next page of the book. As it was scanned, a faint image can appear in the background

LOL we crashed this website.

The Opah is a deep-bodied, compressed fish. It is deep blue on the back grading to a lighter blue or silver on the belly. The body is covered with white spots and the fins are a vibrant red.

Opahs grow to over 1.5 m in length and can weigh over 70 kg.

They eat other fishes and squids.

The species has a worldwide oceanic distribution. It is a mid-water species which lives at depths between 100 m and 400 m. In Australia it is known from off northern New South Wales, around the south of the country including Tasmania, to south-western Western Australia.

The 87 cm long specimen in the image is registered in the Australian Museum Fish Collection (AMS I.24492-001). It was collected on a tuna long line off Ulladulla, New South Wales in March 1984. The upper lobe of its caudal (tail) fin is missing.

The species has also been called Spotted Moonfish and Opal Fish.