Game Hint #2 Prediction

OK, so here is how this works.
Reply with…

  1. Date and time at which you think game hint # 2 will come out.
  2. What you think the new hint will be. (format (picture, poem, text etc), content (what is in the picture/text))

I will declare a winner upon clue disclosure from F.I.R.S.T.

Here is my Prediction

  1. Saturday December 13, 2008 : 10 Pm
  2. Picture, Different Fish
  1. 1/2/09 11:59 PM
  2. Dave Lavery Interpretive Dance triggered by extreme emotional stress over trying to finish the game animation. Fish Ballet.

I guess Saturday January 4th, about 8:30AM. It will come in many forms, the two major ones will be a webcast and a manual.

Of what year?


He must know something we don’t!

starts analyzing speeches from previous years’ kickoffs


Predictions for the game hint? Wait… seriously? Were really doing this?

  1. Never
  2. Nothing

No more game hints.

I think last year they just ran with it because they wanted to give a real game hint as well as shipping out all of the IR boards. Then they tacked on another hint to make an even 3. So I’ll go with:

  1. Mid-morning January 3rd,
  2. A series of public events.

why would the game hint #2 come out after the kick off?

Dean did mention Overdrive in his speech this year, that may be repeated this year.

We’re speculating about a game hint that hasn’t even been released yet. Now that’s just sad. -_-

“What, behind the rabbit?”
“No. It is the rabbit.”

Any questions?

  1. 12/24/2008 5:00PM EST
  2. Picture of Dave holding tartar sauce.

2009 Game Name “Filet O’FIRST” :wink:

  1. 12/15/08
  2. A picture of a fish tank(:p)

Dec. 25 this year
picture of water

  1. 12/17/08
  2. A picture Asteroid
  1. december 25 2008
  2. a picture of santa eating fish

december 24
Picture of a fish on the moon.

  1. Friday, December 19th, 10:00am.
  2. A Bird…

…the third one will be a land animal… aka they’re just trying to mess with us!! haha!

  1. 12/12/08 @ 11:32 am (Eastern time)
  2. a picture of Dave’s other car with a red herring photoshop’d in front of it