Game Hint #3 Prediction

Same as game hint two

OK, so here is how this works.
Reply with…

  1. Date and time at which you think game hint # 3 will come out.
  2. What you think the new hint will be. (format (picture, poem, text etc), content (what is in the picture/text))

I will declare a winner upon clue disclosure from F.I.R.S.T.

Here is my Prediction

  1. Saturday December 30, 2008 : 10 Pm
  2. Song

December 20th at 7pm
riddle or sound

7:30 pm
close-up picture of game piece

December 20th. 10AM ish
A new piece of hardware, required on the robot, mailed to each team.

First of all I just want to let you all know that this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Second of all:

December 26
Link to a random website.

No! I will not be an enabler for this madness. Go outside. See a movie. Read a book. LIVE!!!

  1. Next Wensday @6 P.M
  2. The equation for a fractal that looks like a snowflake.

tomorrow 6:17am
animation of the game

really though? are we already doing this? idk when it will be announced but i do predict that it will be immediately followed by a “game hint #4 prediction” thread that is just as sad as this one…

Quick! Someone start the 2014 Game preditions thread!

haha shame on me… i almost did just to make u laugh after i read this message but i decided not to because i have no desire to be criticized already lol

My bid is that there will be no third hint.

But if there was one

December 17, 2008
4:00 PM

a life? Where can we download one of those? /oldjoke

But on the main thread topic, I’d say the next hint will be released 19 December, 2008, 12:00PM Eastern time. The hint itself will be another picture.


  1. Saturday December 30, 2008 : 10 Pm

Oops December 30th 2008 is a Tuesday not a Saturday.


December 18th, between 5 and 6 p.m.
We’ll be getting either an anagram or a diagram of something…maybe a topographical map :yikes:

i’m going to say the 18 but that there will be a 4 fourth hint on the 29 aswell

both hints will come out between 9:30 or 10:00
the one on the 18 will two word name a thing ( i think it might be a rubik’s cube)

the one the the 29 will be a picture of the field but really messed up

12/21/08 1 PM
Picture again

I have a feeling that one more should come out to balance out the moonfish picture, but I honestly don’t think there will be another one. Remember back when we would just craze over one little riddle or picture? just ONE ?

Dec. 26th 8am…

another fish picture… just cause with the second hint people have been abandoning the first hint… except for like really minor things like it looks “football shaped” which i don’t really see or it’s traditionally given as a gift and stuff… idk i think the significance of the moonfish is more than people are giving it credit for.

Jan 3, 11:00 AM EST.
Game animation!