Game Hint Solution [probably]

Hi CD,
I searched the numbers in google earth:
The second numer refers to a sign “Security FIRST” and there is a US post office in front of it.
The third number refers to the “FIRST Baptist church”
The first number is very interesting, there is a sign: “WEIGHT LIMITS REDUCED 25% EFFECTIVE 1 JAN TO 1 MAY” which is the FIRST season
The photo of the sign can be found in the link below.
To find it on google earth:

  1. Type 8234/57 in the search bar
  2. pick the first option (ohio)
  3. go to the main street
  4. you will see the sign

Have a great season!

Thanks to my friends from the FIRST Israel community for helping

Let’s keep all the hint discussion in the original thread, it makes for a far cleaner forum. Thanks. :slight_smile: Could someone with magical forum powers merge these threads? :rolleyes:

That being said, I sure hope the weigh limits aren’t lessened. That would be very annoying.

That’s pretty good work. The reduced weight limits could be the real deal, especially with the rise of and emphasis on 3D printing, and last year’s reduced size. I believe a 120lb robot with 14 lb battery and ~16lb bumpers is over the recommended weight that two high school students should be lifting, so this makes sense.

Can you explain how you found the 3rd number to relate to the church?

Keep all of this stuff in the hint thread please…

I kind of prefer this thread to be separate…saved me a lot of time not having to read the whole other thread…

Keep this thread separate, because this is the most legitimate analysis I’ve seen.

I just don’t think people should start making a separate thread every time they think they hit something good. The forum would explode. While I agree its a good analysis, having it all in one thread I’ve always thought was nice. :rolleyes: But, oh well…

I don’t wanna read 200 inane posts about a few dozen topics to talk about how to build a 90 pound robot. I frankly am struggling to figure out how to shave 15 pounds off the 2013 robot, 25 pounds off the 2012 robot, 10 pounds off the 2011 - and my team builds light, minimalist robots. 90 pounds terrifies me.

Anyone got any ideas? The control system is a relatively large chunk of that weight. Colsons are a no-go since they weigh much more than other off the shelf wheels. Steel gears? No way. If the weight limit really is 90 pounds, the game could be as simple as Lunacy and this would still be a very significant challenge for every team.

I’m intrigued. I think this is for real, or else a very well camouflaged red herring.

Like Chris said, getting under 90 would be really hard… We could have done it with our offseason bot, but it still would have been very difficult. Perhaps the weight limit refers to the game piece or something else?

Kinda depends on the game, eh? I know of at least one robot in 2008 that was very light, yet very successful.

Could be a tiered challenge like 2007. 6’ tall robots can only be 90 lbs, 5’ tall robots can be 105 lbs, 4’ tall robots can be 120 lbs, or some similar scale.

Im just throwing this out there, but its just saying a 25% reduce. Who says that the reduce is off of last years weight? it could be off of the older weights making not such a huge decrease.

This is (effectively) the highest weight limit we’ve ever had. It used to be 130, but with battery, which was 14 lbs, for a max usable weight of 116 lbs.

This was my immediate thought upon reading speculation about the reduced weight. Maybe Andymark has all those options for modifications on the kit because maybe the weight tiers won’t just be based off height, but overall frame perimeter instead.

Very interesting! I like the tiered idea… Makes for a more interesting design challenge.

My best bet is that the 25% weight reduction refers to the 30 lbs of spare parts that each team is allowed to bring to each event.
Since FIRST is trying to get all areas into the district format, more and more teams are going to atend multiple events, it means that more teams will be able to make big changes/upgrades between each event and they probably want to prevent it from being too big of a factor.

Hmm. It also gives you a dead end sign in Statesville, NC. Apropos.

This is false.

Think about how they come up with these game hints. In all the encoded ones, they started from plaintext and worked backwards to get the clue. In the ones without a code, they came up with an idea for how something fit, like the Locomotion album cover and the logo.

If they wanted to say the weight was smaller, what makes you think they would find a random streetsign saying weight is smaller and find a random number string that happens to search that up?

I agree that this probably is not the solution and should be merged with the other game hint thread, where the rest of the (incorrect) “solutions” have been posted.

it is unlikely, but it is the GDC, they do some crazy stuff. who knows that they thought up this year.