Game hint....when?

Sorry guys. I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to FIRST, and the wait for the first REAL hint, not the “Rick Roll” is starting to become unbearable. Last year we got our hint fairly early, and while it often has little to no impact on how teams prepare, the endless speculation is very fun. Does anybody know when they expect to show the first game hint?

Actually, we’ve had the game hint for at least a week now, we’ve just been hiding it from you :slight_smile:

Sorry, none of us (with a few exceptions) have any information about the game hints that you don’t.

It is going to be a water game. Sorry, I thought everybody knew that. :ahh:

And the game pieces are banana-shaped jello pieces.

It’s been a while since the last stacking exercise, so I guess that’s one I’m expecting. It could also make the Kinect very helpful. If you think about it, we got the hint last season.

“Expect the Kinect, to be esential next year…” or something like that…


I thought we all agreed the 2013 game was “Pudding Power”?

And under the pudding is regolith.

Can you give us the CoF for that?

Yeah, sure, let’s post a CD post about this to get things rolling. I’m sure that’ll prod the GDC.

In alternative news, I think the first game hint last year came out at around 15th-ish? So, I guess something around this time. Keep an eye out on the horizon.

  • Sunny G.

They usually come out right before Christmas.
Be patient, and go do something else with your life while you still have time!

You mean you aren’t already insanely busy Libby? So far this fall, we’ve rebuilt our BreakAway robot, designed and built a test setup for motor controllers (ran out of time to perform our tests though… that might happen in week 1), built 2 robots from a expanded VEX kit we won at an offseason event a year ago (we wanted to get some experience with different arm designs), went to 2 offseason competitions, did beta testing (which involved a complete re-write of last year’s code), mentored some Lego League teams, and just gave 3 presentations (2 sessions each for two of them, 3 sessions for one of them) last weekend! And all of that is just from the build team. The PR team has been meeting separately (and more often!)… but that’s at the school while I’m at work, so I don’t have much visibility into all the work they do.

I, for one, am ready for the game hint!

Can we get a Christmas gift from the GDC?

How about a Christmas gift FOR the GDC? They worked so hard to give us the water game we’ve been waiting for, we should get them something to show our thanks. :smiley:

I do believe they are releasing the next hint January 5th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling that would be quite a large one

Anyway, yes, I to am checking the frc blog right when I wake up in hopes of a hint…

So it’s going to be hovercraft manipulating banana shaped jello pieces with regolith underneath. And the endgame will be trying to pick up chocolate pudding. Sounds good, guys!!

Let’s get them a swimming pool…and put it right in the middle of the game lab. Right where they keep the prototype field. :ahh:

It’s always awkward to give people a gift that they already own.

Next blog post could be any day now…please let it contain a hint…

On a totally unrelated note, I never noticed the birthday cake by someone’s name on their birthday. Cool little thing…