Game hint?!?!

Here is something that’ll get your noodle baking…
Top secret operatives stationed in Manchester have noticed a large frequency of Poof Products Inc. trucks, in and around the vicinity of FIRST headquarters. On these trucks, pictures of Slinky’s! Hmmm…let me think here, slinkys can be colorful (colored red and blue maybe), all different sizes (including giant ones!), and very odd shaped, making for very interesting pick up and delievery methods. Hmmmm

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-Andy Grady

They make quite a bit more than slinky products, including foam balls.

Excellent Rumor!

I’m ready for foam balls… maybe even footballs?

If there is any truth to the rumor I wouldn’t be surprised to see the soccer balls. They hold a consistent shape since they aren’t air filled and come in different colors. Also they are still rigid enough to be handled by the bots, but watch out they probably can be damaged much more easily. I don’t think that they would use the 4 and 7 inch foam balls as they are very soft, but maybe they will use both large and minis what ever type of ball they use.

Both of these wont be able to be picked up via suction due to being made of foam.

I’m still holding out for footballs (there made the same as the soccer and volleyballs). We’ve been talking about footballs in here for years now. Come on Deano

Heh, if it is footballs, I guess we better go get the quarterback and recruit him as the human player :wink:

I still think that it is going to be foam soccer balls.

Maybe the robot (or the human player :() has to untangle horribly mangled Slinkys.

If they are using soccer balls or footballs, at least foam doesn’t hurt too much…

I dont know if this is true or not? If this is do you have any evidence pics? I would probably believe this if this guy was from Manchester, but his profile doesnt say. Although those 7 inch foam balls make sense, afterall they are making the robot size restrictions smaller this year;)

I think we just need to made something that allows a slinky to continually move. Like an escalator… :wink:

Very interesting, but hard to believe…

I remember looking at this website back in September/October. It seems like their products fit the description, especially with the lower prices, colors, and overall “plainness” of the products.

I guess we will have to wait and see, just over 2 weeks remaining.

That’s Andy Grady, the one who started question of the week years ago! What ever he say, it must be true! :wink: Plus, I do believe he would have secret operatives stationed in Manchester… I can almost guess who they are :P.

I hope its going to be giant slinky’s! A nice break from all those balls in 00’, 01’ and 02’. It will level the playing field a little bit. Plus its going to be fun to play with.

Or, it could be the dabblin dough… now that got to be a mess if they use dabblin dough as scoring object…

I thought the named looked familiar…

Think about this…

What do u think of when u think of slinky’s?


Hmmm…Slinky’s go down stairs, robots could go up and down…

ps… I also heard the rumor that this (these?) field component(s?) are expensive to build and teams are going to need to really dip into their budgets if they want to build this stuff. Man… I wish that FIRST would put out a BOM. -Andy Baker

Complex stairs? Stairs that move? ? ? ? ? ? ?


They couldn’t possibly expect us to build robots that make slinkys go all the way down a flight of stairs. . .

that’s just. . .it’s. . .


when FIRST issued their press release about Nats, it said something like “You will be competing in the Super-Bowl of brains in the NFL’s newest stadium…” Does anyone see this as a hint that the game will involve footballs? Just thought this might be interesting

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** afterall they are making the robot size restrictions smaller this year;) **

Do you know something? or are you spreading rumors too?:confused:

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**Do you know something? or are you spreading rumors too?:confused: **

The crate specifications for this season are the same as they were for last season.

How do you know that the crate is the same size?? Just so you know it cannot be any bigger than the original size or they wouldnt be able to ship it;) :wink: (trucks and airplanes have size limits)

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**… Top secret operatives stationed in Manchester have noticed a large frequency of Poof Products Inc. trucks, in and around the vicinity of FIRST headquarters … **

There were also trucks with pictures of paintballing equipment spotted at Epcot last year (in the area where they built the National’s stadium)-- Did you see any paintballing at the team party? :wink:

I remember Dean last year (either at Nationals or at the Kick-off) saying something about how FIRST is, in fact, kind of like sports - but sports for the mind. Then something was said about FIRST being the ‘Superbowl of science’ at Nationals last year. And now Nationals is being held at Reliant Stadium … Interesting … :slight_smile:

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(FYI - the crate size limitations are listed in the recently released Administrative section of the 2003 manual.)

Some interesting points from the link in the above post…

"The grand finale comes when this season’s challenge is revealed, along with several new elements of the game. “We’ve probably made more changes in one year than ever before, and we think the combination of changes are going to make this a benchmark season,”.

cryptic clue… “y = ax(2) + bx + c,” he said solemnly, before adding with a chuckle, “Just don’t ask me about the rumors about the gerbils and the thousand pounds of Jello.”

The answer is Wait till 01/04/03

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cryptic clue… "y = ax(2) + bx + c,"

Quadratics could mean projectile motion. Combined with foam balls and optical sensors, we may see robots playing football, or at least some fun programming :)…