game hints in retrospect

Bill’s Blog stuff (30k feet, pool noodles, phish food, etc): Meaningless
Red Herring #1: Ubertubes, maybe?
Hint #1: Little EVA, E.V.A. referring to the minibot deployment; Little Eva’s hit was “Locomotion”==>Logomotion…also tracking along the tape is train-like
Hint #2: Game pieces

Hint #2 was also what is often considered the logo of first. LOGOmotion.

I don’t think that there have been such “complex” game hints. Even though they’re kind of stupidly simple now knowing the game, the fact that the first hint points to three game elements (E.V.A., Logomotion, tracking) is mega impressive. Here’s a serious congrats to the GDC; that was brilliant.

I think this is about as complex as most of them have been.

I would also like to add the the community got “Locomotion” far more quickly than I remember anyone guessing any of the other games. The Lunacy moonfish was a complete disaster, especially when people discovered the “secret” text in the background.

I still stand by my statement that the Bill’s Blog “hints” were about the college program. A mountain and tennis balls? Phish Food…OK, don’t get that one.

Its always easier to apply the game to the hints. Although i was impressed that people on CD were able to come up with the game name
“Locomotion” to end up being incorrect by one letter.

When the second hint was released, the game name was out–someone came up with Logo-Motion (and alternate spellings) very quickly.

Another one for hint 1. The pole that eva was around, and the pole for the mini-bots.

another great observation. Its easy to see how the hints apply now that we know the game. The fun part is watching others make speculations about what the game will be. Someday, when I grow up, I want to join the GDC so I can make people go crazy thinking about what I’m thinking about and then release hints that get people even crazier.

my thoughts exactly

I think Jack Jones came up with it first, based on the time of the post.


Um, maybe they just like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? I mean, who wouldn’t??

Little Eva= Rock 'n roll = Rack 'n Roll= intertubes?

Very good point, I used to obsess over that flavor…

Yeah, in hindsight, these all make sense. The FIRST community really did a good job, guessing the name, the shape(s) of the pieces…

I’m impressed that more or less all of the major aspects of the game were guessed in the game hint threads. CD is one smart group of people. :slight_smile: