Game Hints?

Well, my team and another SoCal team were comparing notes recently, when we noticed that we each somehow had different hints for the 2004 game. Anybody care to tell us what is going on?

We heard (from FIRST, according to the team member that recieved the e-mail) that there are “Shrink-wrapped red and blue totes, waiting to be filled.”

Another team told me that the hint that they were told by FIRST is that we should “Find the sliding coefficient of dry ice.”

Is one of us losing our minds?

Where is the official game hint? I mean, we’re getting pretty close here. Last year they gave us the official hint before it got this close.

Hocky pucks on some either a flat surface, or going down a luge-like tube.


Me: Did you ever flashy-thing me? 
Dave: No. 
Me: I ain't playing, Dave. Did you ever flashy-thing me? 
Dave: No.

That isn’t a game hint. It’s FIRST telling us that they were getting ready to pack the two totes with each team’s ‘kit of parts’.

That does make more sense, doesn’t it. Thanks for that clarification. Anybody else hear about dry ice?

Heh, FIRST has a funny sense of humor, and so does the person who told you that probably. Because, dry ice… expensive. It degrades, weighs alot to ship… it wouldn’t be practical for testing purposes during the 6 week building period. Someone’s just pulling your leg probably.

On top of the expense, dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. When it sublimates to a gas, the arena will fill with CO2 and put everyone to sleep.

…maybe it’s just a field covered in fog or something neat like that.

also you need to be extremly cautious when you handle dry ice, because with just a few seconds of direct skin to dry ice contact can leave perminate cold burns and nerve damage. Along with the pressure it causes when contained in a close container, i have seen gernades made with dry ice and soda bottles…

Fun times.

I really doubt that we will see anything with dry ice, and really doubt that anyone knows anything about what the game will be this coming year. Not to throw this thread off topic but what have the “game hints” from previous years been.

Come on? “Dry Ice” You are looking at it too literally. Besides where did you hear this hint?

we can all guess at what it will be but i just cfant wait 12 more days untill my girlfriend gets to see me in between robotics breaks. 12 days till my grades go down. 12 days till my parents file a missing persons report cause i will never be home. 12 days till my cologne is axle grease ooo i cant wait

Only one I know is from last year:
Which is, of course, the general quadratic equation. This was used to calculate the optimal stack height for a given number of boxes… sort of. So, really, it was mainly there to throw everyone onto the path of “OooH! Projectile motion!”

As to the Dry Ice “clue” it could be Super-Glide. This stuff is just like ice, but it’s not cold, not wet, but it is slick. They used it on Viva La Bam and Monster House to make indoor skating rinks.

But… it weights a ton and costs alot so I doubt this would be used. A Sheet (36 sq. feet) is approx. $575.00 and weighs approx. 145 lbs.

Check it out!


most of the things i have heard are general like “it needs to be disassembled to get through a door” and everyother specific thing i have heard has pointed me to stairs

i think there will be a 4 sided object in the middle of the feild 2 sides will be a staircase and the other sides will be a steep incline ramp 45 deg or more.

and every year they shrink wrap the boxes before kickoff and the dry ice seems unlikely because of it;s danger and cost

Like Jay said, dry ice would probably mean something about field surface. Low traction, like ice, but dry. Maybe there’s more HDPE this year, hehe.

I still say that hovercraft goals or something would be awesome.

Didnt you all hear that they tore the carpet off all the 1999 Robot Pucks and replaced them with HDPE?

Yeah this one is gonna be TUFF!

what if the entire field is HDPE??? or at least a good part of it…it’s like ice, but dry…thus, “dry ice”. Conveyor belts would add a nice twist to the field as well. For practical reasons, I don’t think a water hazard or real dry ice is going to happen. Perhaps smoke machines providing a fog over certain areas would be a nice obstacle. However, with most competitions being indoors, I don’t see this as too likely. However, autonomous at the end seems almost a certainty, with how evil FIRST is. Just kidding, but I dread this as a programmer…

On the Christmas House episode of Monster House ont he Discovery Channel, they had this really hard smooth plastic that they put on the floor to use as a skating rink. They said it is used in places where it isn’t cold enough to keep a rink. They actually showed someone skating on it. But they did mention is was very expensive.

Correct this materal does replicate the COF of Ice with out needing to keep it around 32 degrees F. It is made to resist scratching, knicking and etching from blades on a skate so i expect that material would resist damage from our robots. But unlike the “plastic ice”, the HDPE we used last year in the games did sustain damage from the robots. Thus thats one reasoning i think that if there was a plastic that represents ice used this year think it would be HDPE once again due to the low cost. Also I think that Teflon or nylon blocks could be used, due to their extremly low COF with metals. But the material that was used in “Viva La Bam” and “Monster House” i think could be used in the games but would be extremly surprised if it was used do to the extreme cost and weight that it has.

P.S.~ Check out my thread labled Could the field be Ice? for more info…