Game Idea for next year.

Posted by Splash.

Student on team #53, Team Inferno, from Eleanor Roosevelt High School and NASA GSFC.

Posted on 7/20/2000 3:53 PM MST

After thinking about the question of the week, I finally thought of a game. Robots would have the same restrictions as in the past, and there’d be alliances ofcourse. Now for the game.

Think of the half pipe at the X-games _______/ or any other similar skateboard/rollerblading get-together. The field would be long, similar to this years. At the end of each side of the field (lengthwise), there would be a ramp, much steeper than this year though, maye two feet higher at its highest point (Dr. Joe is a 3 foot ramp possible to climb?). At the top of the ramp on both sides (or maybe one side), would be a platform that the robot could drive onto. There would also be a goal. Teams would have to race up the ramp to get onto the platform to score, or if their robot had a long arm I suppose it could score from the floor.

There would be an additional goal in the middle of the field. This would allow scoring by both the speedy teams with the ability to get to the platform, and also the teams that could not. Scoring though would be higher on platform rack (maybe it could be a multiplier). Then at the end of the match teams would have to race to the top of the platform for additional points. At that point there would be battles for position. I’d like to see an even bigger bonus for doing something else (similar to climbing the puck or hanging from the bar as in the past two competitions).

As for objects, balls seem to be the best. Only round ones this time, and stretchy. The size from last year was great because it gave teams reason to have a huge basket. In '98 the balls were so big, it was hard to find teams that could carry more than three at a time. Big scoring is more fun to watch.

Alliances would start on ramps leading to the floor (the sides without the ramps). They could possibly use these ramps to help accelerate onto the field and towards the ramp.


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Coach on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central H.S. and Delphi Automotives Systems.

Posted on 7/20/2000 8:05 PM MST

In Reply to: Game Idea for next year. posted by Splash on 7/20/2000 3:53 PM MST:

I would bet a case of DEW that the playing field will have bumps to drive over.

What a better way to display the gryo chip that Dean is using in the invention of his.

As for the game, there are balls that stay round. Just not the ones we used last year.

This is about excitement on the field and off. Bright colored balls rolling everywhere, even at the last min. is the excitement. Made for TV excitement.

Alliances ??? It attempts to solve the quanity of teams issue. But Hey, why can’t 4 teams play at one time but be on their own.

What about the choice of alliances being like a tag team match. The first two robots that touch a certain color are partners. Then look at the stragety possibilities.

Comments? Other ideas.

Hey FIRST its not to late to change the game. Or is it?