Game Ideas

Hey Everyone! So I was thinking about what some cool game ideas or objects could be, and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas? They don’t need to be possible, just games that you think would be interesting to watch or play. And who knows… Some of the game designers might read this thread? :rolleyes: Be creative and have fun creating games! Here are some of my ideas:

-A game played in water like water polo or a game with water balloons where robots have to be able to swim and/or be water proof

-A game in which robots carry around flashlights or glowing objects because the field is dark. They are trying to find something

-A game where there are walls at either end of the field. Each alliance has to drive their robot behind the wall to find something. Teams won’t be able to see behind the walls, but their robots could detect the game pieces

-A game where the field is basically a giant puzzle. Each alliance tries to put in their puzzle pieces (red or blue) before the opposing alliance can

Here’s a thread that has some ideas for next years game: