Game Manual 0 v0.2.0 Released (A Comprehensive Guide for FTC teams)

We’ve released version 0.2.0 of Game Manual 0! It’s a comprehensive guide to FIRST® Tech Challenge written by dozens of experienced FTC veterans from many different teams. It contains a Getting Started in FTC, Hardware Basics, Robot Design, Power and Electronics, Software, and Awards sections. In addition to this, it contains an Appendix that has a glossary, a list of useful resources, a gallery of past robot designs, and a vendor list and guide. (The awards section, glossary, and robot gallery are new to version 0.2.0; the rest of the guide has been updated and revised.)

You won’t find a more fully-fleshed out and complete guide to FTC than this. It is highly recommended for all teams, new and experienced, to take a look at gm0. There’s bound to be something in there that you don’t know!

Check it out at

So, what do we need from you? Share the word! Y’all have done such a great job getting gm0 to spread, but we can always reach more people! We want to reach as many teams as possible, and we can only do so much ourselves to disseminate gm0.

Big thanks to all the contributors to gm0, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you so much <3. Thanks to Copperforge for providing us with hosting.

Please note that if you find anything that should be changed or fixed, you can open a Github issue at We also welcome contributions! We would love it if you sent a pull request our way.