Game Manual Encryption?

I’m just curious if it would be possible in future years to have the game manual encrypted until the first time a user enters the password. The current version requires the password to always be entered when trying to open the manual until the next version is downloaded.


Adobe Acrobat Pro can do this for you, or you can also print to PDF according to this HowToGeek article to remove the password yourself.

In past years (until I downloaded the post-Kickoff files), I just make a simple text file on my computer then copy/paste the password from there. If it was a simple phrase I even put it in the file name so I don’t even have to open it.

Or just keep the PDF file open.

I don’t know how it would work on my phone, but that would be so small and awkward to be an unusable reader.

Or just download a new copy after the post-Kickoff flurry. Once the encryption key is release, FIRST puts a non-encrypted copy on the website.

That’s what I do: leave open the file, then download a non-encrypted later.

Thank you everyone for the responses. This will make life much easier.