Game piece construction

Is there any videos of the game piece construction for teams to follow or do we have to rely on the paper copies

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, so let me rephrase it and we’ll see if I understood correctly.

“Are there any videos of the field element construction, or do we have to follow the drawings?”

I’m not aware of any videos, other than the Field Tour videos FIRST released on Kickoff, which don’t go into detail on field constructions. So yes, you’re going to have to use the drawings.

[MINI-RANT] And I’m going to say that in the real world, you will NEED to be able to at least read drawings, especially if you’re going into engineering or manufacturing. I haven’t had an engineering/manufacturing-related job yet where I haven’t had a need to read drawings, or even generate them. It’s how the industry works–you can’t just watch a YouTube video to learn how to do item X, you have to read the drawing, interpret it, and build to drawing spec. So it’s to your benefit to start learning now.

Also, it pains me greatly when people don’t use the correct–or mostly correct–terminology. I thought for a bit you were asking how to build the Power Cells, which I’m not sure ANY team has the capability of doing. [/MINI-RANT]

That said–is there a specific question you have? Sometimes the drawings don’t make sense until you look at them in a different way.

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