Game piece technicalities

The robots can only carry one game piece at a time. Does pushing a game piece count as carrying it? Like could you pick up a piece and push a different one at the same time?

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If cargo is anything in your control it wouldn’t be allowed. Only 1 cargo per robot.

I would look at G403 for some clarification

To move it out of the way to score because it is in the way? This is legal

To move it across the floor for you later use or to deny a team it? Not legal.

Rule G403, including the blue box


As an overview, this is accurate, but I would like to clarify that it is not legal because of some intent regarding “in the way”, but rather because the action is MOMENTARY.

If moving a game piece out of the way takes a greater-than-momentary amount of time, then it will be subject to penalties.

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Yes, you can’t “move a gamepiece out of the way to a spot halfway across the field”. With the blue box example it implies “out of the way 2 feet to the left”.

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