Game pieces drawn in inventor

Does anyone have this years game pieces drawn in inventor yet. If so can you post them here?

these should be correct. if they’re not, let me know.

game (590 KB)

game (590 KB)

Thanks. See you at the Chesapeake Regional

I figured this would be slightly relevant. Does anyone have an Inventor assembly for the AndyMark Super Shifter (Gen 1)? The file from the website doesn’t work well.

this is the one i’ve been using. it’s too big to upload (even zipped), so here’s the link: I’m not sure if this is the right model, thought.

It’s not the exact model, but I’ll be able to make one of the AM SS GEN 1 with that. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I had one last year… I wonder where it went…

They’re fine except that the triangle is blue, the square white, and the circle red. Ubertube is correct color but the triangle should be red, square blue, and circle white

whoops, should have caught that. anyways, that’s not really a big deal (for me at least). I can change them, though, if anyone else wants me to.

I would appreciate it :smiley:
Or at least could you tell me how to just change color on Inventor? I know the Iproperties tab but that doesnt have standard colors, just materials (at least as far as i know)

Nevermind that, i found it. Thanks for the files plnyyanks