Game Pin Trades at Michigan State Championship

Hello again. If anyone is going to FIM State Championship and is trading yearly game pins, hit me up. I’m am looking for one of each of these:
-Breakaway (FRC 2010 the unicorn pin)
-Rebound Rumble (FRC 2012)
-Ring It Up (FTC 2012-2013)
-Ultimate Ascent (FRC 2013)
-Rover Ruckus (FTC 2018-2019)

Looking for any quantity of these for my students:
-UL Safety Hardhats in any color

I’d be extremely grateful if anyone has one of these to trade (or sell). Or message me/reply here if you have one to ship. I have extras of….

-Aerial Assist (2014)
-Stronghold (2016)
-Steamworks (2017)
-Deep Space (2019)
-Infinite Recharge (2020)
-Infinite Recharge (2021)
-Rapid React (2022)
-Charged Up (2023)

-Cascade Effect (2014-2015)
-Res Q (2015-2016)
-Velocity Vortex (2016-2017)
-Sky Stone (2019-2020)
-Freight Frenzy (2021-2022)


I’m also willing to trade around for other year pins, UL pins, and FTC pins, should someone truly need them. I don’t mind helping out a little. I know these pins are small and easy to loose. Feel free to post your own pin needs/extras below.


As a fellow pin collector I appreciate your quest! I’ll see what I can get my hands on before heading out.


We have a large variety of pins from previous years and would be happy to give/share - let us know where we can find you and we will bring them along


Thank you. DM me if I can help you with any specific pins. I’d love to help a fellow collector.

I have a couple extra ultimate ascent and UL safety pins. I’ll bring them. I’m on DTE with Team 4362. Ask for Ambrose in the pits as I’m a pit rat

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You can actually still buy the 2013 FRC pins from SportsAwards.

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Literally my rookie year and I lost mine. This was awesome and I also ordered all my lost mentor pins! Didn’t even know this place existed so seriously thanks for the link! Wish it had all of the game pins from 2014-2016 too. I did find the mentor pins though so beggars can’t be choosers.

We do have a bin of pins from the last 4 years to share but we aren’t at MSC. Idk how/if we could get them there this year, but we’ll definitely start bringing them to competition for trades in future.

If anyone heading to MSC wants to stop by our school in Macomb County I’d gladly hand em off!

@kgalea did you all leave yet? If not I could try and get ours to share over to you if you want to bring em with you.

Thank you very much. I’ll bring some goodies to trade.

Let us know what pins you still need. I definitively could help with Arial Assist (2014). Maybe we can put something together for you and either drop it off or mail it.