Game Ramps

A couple people on our team were looking threw the rules and the list of field parts trying to figure out what material the ramps were made of. Does anyone know?

I had a different question that could probably be answered in this thread. Do the ramps immediately swing back to the neutral position when they are tipped to one side, or do they stay tipped?

See Section 2.2.5: “Each Bridge is mounted on a double-hinge that allows the Bridge to tip towards either end of Court.”

That doesn’t answer my question, though. I know they can TIP to either end, but I don’t know whether they STAY tipped.

That is all they say about the bridges; I would assume the double hinge would be naturally flat but that is a good question that should be clarified in Q&A.

The ramps at our kickoff field always returned to the flat position.

It’s not in the rules - you need to check the drawings and field specs for materials and official dimensions.
From the Game Specific Drawings PDF (I’d usually tell you to look harder, but the field drawings are nasty to look through):

“Note: Material to be 1/2” thick HDPE in blue, red or white."

Our team is wondering this too: Can someone who went to a kickoff event enlighten us on the details of the field?

Particularly if the bridge stays down or if it returns to level. More that one person confirming this would be appreciated.

The bridge at our kick off (MN) also returned to level.

Thanks! So it appears the ramps are made of High-density polyethylene.

There are no ramps; there are Bridges. Just sayin’, in case you want to search the rules.

For those at Kickoff sights that reported here, were those official field elements or team-build field elements? They may act differently because of different materials.

I should probably clarify - I think I read the original question wrong. The top surface of the bridge is the HDP. The rest of the bridge is aluminum. If you’re looking for further specs, check out the field drawings starting at GE-12017.

If you’re asking about the fenders (ramps on either end of the field below the baskets), those are made of plywood.

It says that the bridge deck (Item 1 on the game Specific Drawings) is made of HDPE. The bridge surface (Item 4 on the game Specific Drawings) is above that and is only described as “bridge surface.” I’m stil wondering if that is also HDPE or something different.

UPDATE: The bridge surface is CLEAR POLYCARBONATE.

Actually, I believe the top surface is clear polycarbonate. The drawing for it (Bridge Surface, GE-12095) is separated from the rest of the bridge drawings. It lies above the HDPE (Bridge Deck, GE-12018), as shown in the Assembly drawing (GE-12017). Ah, the joys of a hundred pages of technical drawings.

We have several members who will swear that the bridge was described as ‘tri-stable’ at the kickoff.
I agree w the correspondents on this thread that it is an important point.
This doesn’t seem to be covered by the rules.
We will be asking this as a question when they get around to opening up the QA system on the 11th.

i dont know if they will but double hinges tend to go back to neutral unless with a force is applied.

It appears that the Bridge Deck (GE-12018) is HDPE but it appears that there is a Bridge Surface level above that (GE-12095) is made of clear polycarbonate.

Y’all are right. Sorry about that. I should stop reading drawings so quickly ::ouch::

If you watch the field tour videos on FIRST’s youtube channel, you will see that the bridges return to a level state if they are not influenced externally. Further they give you guidelines to ensure that your bridges have similar dynamics to the actual bridges.

Because of the amount of FIRST!!! titled videos that show up in a simple search, I have included the link to the channel below, and below that the specific bridge video.

Good Luck!

As an aside, can anyone tell me why on earth someone would take a video, that is already on youtube, then upload it again under their username and not at least give a link to the rest?

As an approved field builder and kickoff coordinator I can confirm that the bridges were designed/intended/function by returning back to level after weight is removed.