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so in the 2022 season rapid react they give us a 15 second Anton period where we get to make a shot as in us the humans another thing is that if your alliance scores 5 shots or cargo balls we get the rank point from 20 to 18 does the human shot count towards the 5 need to be made

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doesnt seem to be anything that indicates otherwise. the rule says any cargo scored, it doesnt specify by what or who

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From the cargo bonus section of the scoring table:

20 or more ALLIANCE colored CARGO scored in the HUB.
If at least 5 ALLIANCE colored CARGO are scored in
AUTO, called a QUINTET, this threshold drops to 18. 

Note that it specifies “alliance colored cargo”, so yes, the human player scored cargo does count towards both the autonomous bonus and the rank point.

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thanks this is a big help


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