Game simulations

I have been drafted into building the game simulations for FIRST. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (note: I need to CAD them, too, so please keep this in mind.)

To be successful, you’ll need a better defined scope of work.

Is this a programming simulation? A lego-sized simulation? A full sized one with practice bots?

Im new to this but this might be wrong, but wouldn’t we need to know the game for that or is that unrelated.

Then there’s another way of thinking about it …

A bunch of years ago (2002) I came up with a software simulation of Zone Zeal. It essentially was a multiplayer game, written in Visual Basic 6, and we used it to come up with game strategies after ship-day.

(Unfortunately, right after that we started using Visual Basic .NET, which changed many of the rules for inter-program communications, and I haven’t been able to easily recreate the simulation for newer games :mad: )

Full-sized, but we use a lot of robots to test our ideas, so it doesn’t matter all that much.

Now I’m not really sure what you mean.

When I think “simulation”, I think scaling it all down to something manageable.

When you say “full size”, I envision building an entire field and making a full size robot to use on it. That’s not really a simulation - heck, that’s a whole first season.

To simulate last year’s game, we printed out sheets with the field and then did basic calculations to figure out how many times people could lap, or hurdle. We drew the paths and included obstacles, other robots, picking the ball up, etc. That gave us a baseline for which would score more, and directed which way we aimed our design.

Do you mean something like this?
Link to a 5th Gear thread


Not bad, but not exactly, Blake. If I could find the brains for my team’s bots somewhere, this would be great. But I’m talking, like half sized ideas that my two semi-teams to test out ideas in.

Maybe in a season or two…

forget scaling it down. then it would be like every other simulation. ill be impressed when i see it scaled up to robots that are as large as my house lol.