Game: The Person Above me...

Well, It did very well on a few message boards that I have been on before, and I hope it does well here…Introducing a game called…

The Person Above Me

Here are the rules…

  1. You may only say something about the person that posted above you.
  2. Whatever you say has to be family friendly/rules friendly
  3. You cannot post until 5 other people have posted.

So let the games begin…

Since there is no one above me, my turn is over…

^^^Doesn’t know that a thread only starts with one person, so there is no way this can start accorsing to the rules.^^^ :smiley: LOL


^ Doesn’t know that this game has been tried before and made it 4 pages… :ahh:

^ ^ Has posted a link to a 2 year old thread, hopefully not inciting its revival

^ Didn’t mention that there’s a more recent, similar version.



…spends way too much time on CD, tracking down old threads and reviving them :slight_smile:


enjoys tormenting HS students with twisted clues :smiley:

It has? oh…

I just didnt want to revive any old topics. My bad…

Back to the topic

The person above me is in college

The person above me created this thread.

The person above me (^) is very obvservant. :wink:

The person above me (^) trusts firefox

The person above me loves LEGO’s (Don’t we all? :slight_smile: )

^ drives a purple car :cool:

^ has great taste in football teams

^ Thinks Calculus is fun

(And Dave, was the revival thing about me, or not?)

^ likes Tsunami Bomb

< doesn’t know ^ or ^^ or ^^^ or ^^^^ or ^^^^^

^ needs help ^

(there is a version on a Purdue forum like this but what you say about the person above you has to be a lie, pretty funny but definitely not family friendly)

^ has a twin brother that posts on these forums ^

^ Dream car is 1970 Shelby… :slight_smile: