GAME: Who is this guy???

Here’s this new game idea I have been thinking about the past few weeks. This all goes back to something one of my teachers says all the time. Some people that will play this game may know that this phrase has “rubbed off” on me and now I am addicted to saying it. So, here’s the game.

1.) Post a picture of a person and/or give a description of someone involved with FIRST.
2.) The next person will then guess the person in the pic/or description from post above then post pic or description of their own.
3.) You will find out if you are right by having the person who originally posted the pic or description sending you a PM or giving you rep.
4.) You can only post 1 pic or description then let 5 people post and then you can go at it again. (The same 5 person rule as The person above me game.)
5.) KEEP THE PICS CLEAN!!! No non-sense pics please.
6.) If nobody is able to guess your person within 2hours please change the description or pic a new person.
Have Fun and lets getting guessing away.

Here’s my first description. (very easy) This guy is known to many as 'Ozzy Kamen". In his spare time he loves to build snowmen with his little girls. Who is this guy???

That was an easy guess.


He is known as one of the most talented drive train student in FIRST. While attending college, he coaches one of the teams in FIRST.

Who is John V Neun?

Former English teacher turned FIRST mentor.

Rich Kressly

If first were like Snow white and the seven dwarves, he would be sleepy

Ken Leung.

The other former English teacher turned FIRST mentor.

While Mike is correct, not the answer I was looking for. Bonus points to whatever eastcoaster gets it :wink:

Jason Morrella

This FIRSTer races sail boats in his spare time, when he is not designing engines.

Ken Patton

This FIRSTer is a field coach and control guru who is always “flying high”.

(and he is on the same team as Patton, now)

Chris Hibner

This political science major brings some gold to a poofy team.

Bill Gold

This king of FIRSTers has a weird metal disc fetish (that has become common among FIRSTers) and always blooms in the spring.

Woodie Flowers

A pioneer with FIRST. Now a Vice Principal at the school he started robotics at. This lead may be cold but it doesn’t point south.

Mark Breadner.

This FIRST teacher is never blue and knows where the beef is.

Wendy Wooten ???

If correct I will post another question.

Scott Ritchie, I believe.

This should be fun…and it never gets old.:slight_smile:

One of the most respected young mentors in FIRST, this person claims citizenship to two countries. Unfortunately for us, he can’t sing a lick in either of them. I’d include a pic to go along with this clue, but then you’d mistake this post for a hair gel ad.

Oh, one more thing, his favourite donuts are Krispy Kremes.

Hope I didn’t make it tooooooooo easy, eh…


So next, this person was the very first one to make a significant improvement to the Bosch drill transmissions, and publish the improvement for all other teams to use.

Joe Johnson?

A Mentor from Connecticut who has been very helpful on this forum when it came to technical discussions. Not only that he helped us on chiefdelphi, he has taken a step ahead to teach his team’s student how to design basic gearboxes.

Andy Brockway

This person has been a huge part of FIRST for many years. His multi speed gearbox designs have been used by many teams. Green and White just may be his favorite colors.

Team 716’s own… Andy Brockway!!

An intelligent south Floridian who has posted several versions of his gearbox design on Chief Delphi, and has mentored 8 FLL teams.

Arefin Bari

The only FIRST mentor in CT who has riden my mini-chopper.

Elgin Clock

Aspires to be Andy Baker. (But is he the real Andy?!)