GameSense at Chezy Champs 2015!

I am happy to announce that GameSense will be returning to Chezy Champs again this year!

We are all super excited to be heading back to such a wonderful event. You can expect the same coverage, stats, and overlays from last year, and a few new surprises as well!

This whole endeavor would not be possible without the great support we have received from everyone working on Chezy Champs and team 254. In addition to this, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank GameSense’s sponsor Symboticfor making it possible for us to attend the event this year. Symbotic has just signed on to sponsor GameSense for the second year in a row, and we could not be more thankful!

So don’t forget to tune in and watch the best of the West compete on Saturday 9/19 and Sunday 9/20 at!

GameSense provided excellent commentary last year, cannot wait to hear what the crew has to say this year.
See you all there!

Will we see a guest game announcer again this year?


will this be recorded somewhere? I’m kinda moving into my dorm that day…

Awesome, I hope you guys will be broadcasting on Twitch :slight_smile:

We will be recording the native 1080p/60 feed at 20mbps. It will be streamed at 1080p as well and transcoded on the server end for those with slower connections. The stream will be ad free and embedded in the CC website and elsewhere. With the help of some new streaming providers to be announced soon we hope to give viewers the best possible live streaming coverage currently available.

Is this something worked out with providers specifically sponsoring CC or is this a system that could be adopted for regional tournaments? A white paper on the setup, if it works, would be appreciated.

I can speak to the streaming side of this setup.

Last year, I was in charge of the live streams for NE FIRST. During my evaluations of which streaming platform to use, I noticed that there really isn’t an ideal streaming platform for FRC.

My friend and I are developing a new streaming platform called STEMtv ( that aims to bring the STEM community the best, highest quality, streaming service possible, for free.](

We’re working hard to offer:

  • Resolutions up to 1080p at 30fps.
  • Server-side transcoding for viewers with lower bandwidth.
  • Cloud-based architecture capable of supporting any number of viewers.
  • Easy embedding of the player on your website.
  • Support for multiple streaming applications.
  • Downloadable/Exportable recordings of your streams.
  • Live DVR capabilities.

Over the past month, we’ve been working closely with the Chezy Champs crew to test our platform and they’ve been kind enough to give us the opportunity to stream the event live!

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to get ahold of us at

While not the CC set-up, you may be interested in this whitepaper

Why not 1080p60?

this is rhetorical please dont take it wrong

Recordings will be uploaded at 1080p/60 at ~20mbps. Live streaming at 1080p/60 is very bandwidth intensive and most users cannot take advantage of it.

But how will we know who truly has the fastest can grabber?

You couldn’t tell with just 60fps anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
We would need a phantom, a warehouse full of light, and a f/.7 lens. /s

On another note, I like the idea of StemTV, but what makes you so sure that your backend will be able to support “any number of viewers”?

We’re using Amazon Web Services. The same backend that Netflix and Spotify use.

What was it about other streaming services that you didn’t like? Camera switching abilities or the like?

In my opinion, due to the rule changes… can grabbing will be limited in value at chezy champs.

Yup in regards to speed.

We’re running substantially slower can grabbers than at champs.

I do think in elims you’ll see an alliance or two that can score more than 6 cans routinely.

I would assume any number of the issues that have plagued FIRST webcasts for years: overzealous copyright claims on music, uncontrollable ads interrupting broadcasts, general quality/stability issues, terrible resolution, no automatic archive, and so on.

I’m suprised that the STEMtv announcement isn’t generating more attention. Having a purpose-built solution and site for robotics events is a huge deal, which should dramatically improve the accessability of these events.

Pretty much this. Also, since we’ll be a small (smaller than Twitch or YouTube) operation, we’ll be able to provide a much more tailored experience.