[GameSense] CMP Recap with Mike from 1678!


The Championship has come and gone. Forty-thousand members of FIRST fandom descended upon St. Louis. In the end, the biggest hardware went out to team 597, winner of the Chairman’s award, along with teams 118, 1678, 1671, and 5012, winners of the Newton Division and World Champions!

Join GameSense for the final episode of our second season, as we recap the 2015 FRC Championship this Wednesday from 9-10:30 PM ET, 6-7:30 PT.

This week, we are joined by a returning guest, Mike Corsetto, the drive coach for world champion team 1678! We’ll be taking a look at what went down in each division at the championship, the craziness that was Einstein, and we’ll see how Recycle Rush stands up now that the season is over.

We will be doing Q & A through out the show so be sure to ask us anything through our chat bot, GameSenseBot, and we might pick your question to discuss live on air.

We can’t wait to finish off the season on a high note, and we can’t wait to do it with you! Be sure to watch this Wednesday at 9 PM ET at frcgamesense.com!

I’m interested to see what Mike has to say about this whole 2 championships debacle…

I think he has stated his mind a lot about that. But I do think it will be interesting to see what he says about about his whole experience for the past three years.

I think Bailey dropped this:

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I’m definitely interested in the Newton discussion

I can’t wait to watch this! Mike is an awesome dude!

We’re going live in about 20 minutes! Be sure to tune in at twitch.tv/FRCGameSense or frcgamesense.com!

Thanks again to Jeremy for the awesome Stats.

Thanks for hosting a great show and dealing with my nonsense in the chat. It got really weird when Spider-Man showed up out of no where to help the Avengers defeat Ultron, but if everyone watches the archive it might make more sense.

Not sure if it was mentioned, but Carver was the only division where #1 or 2 didnt advance to Einstein. #4 Alliance did.:slight_smile:

We definitely mentioned the Hawaiian Alliance run.

Congrats again Glenn!