[GameSense] CMP Special SATURDAY 7-10 PM ET!


Six-hundred and eight teams descend upon St. Louis for the largest Championship Event FIRST has ever seen. Some teams have been dreaming just to get there, while others have their sights set firmly on Einstein. Who will come out on top in 2015?

Are you experiencing FIRST withdrawal? Can’t wait for St. Louis? Wish you were going? Watch GameSense THIS SATURDAY (this weekend!) from 7-10 PM M ET, 4-7 PM PT for our mega Championship Special!

With eight sub-divisions, over 600 teams, and so much on the line, there is a TON to talk about. This year, to celebrate, GameSense is bringing on FOUR GUESTS, each one from a division, to give their take on the ultimate weekend for Recycle Rush.

The show will be broken up into 4, 45 minute segments, one for each division. We’re going to be covering everything this game has to offer, not just the teams, so don’t be afraid to sit down with a big old cheesecake, or a flight of corn dogs and watch the whole thing! Heck, make a party out of it and send us your pictures via our twitter, @FRCGameSense](https://twitter.com/FRCGameSense), and you might see yourself on the show!

Without further ado, here’s our guests and when they’ll be on:

Chris Hibner (FRC 51) - Archimedes/Tesla - 7:00-7:45 ET
Nathan Streeter (FRC 1519) - Carson/Galileo - 7:45-8:30 ET
Steven Mckinney (FRC 987) - Hopper/Newton - 8:30-9:15 ET
Jamee Luce (FRC 2648) - Carver/Curie - 9:15-10:00 ET

We will be doing Q & A through out the show so be sure to ask us anything through our chat bot, GameSenseBot, and we might pick your question to discuss live on air.

This is going to be a TON of fun! Let’s talk a lot of robots, SATURDAY at 7 PM ET, 4 PM PT at frcgamesense.com!

We’re going live in an hour! Catch the show starting at 7 PM ET at frcgamesense.com!

Great show tonight. Lots of good insight into the divisions and what teams will potentially be looking for should they seed high.

Would LOVE to see a recording of tonight’s show…hint, hint!

I had a lot of fun - thanks for having me on. I hope to see everyone in St. Louis.

Do we know when “Jeremy” will be posting his division simulation data?

We’re working on it. We’ll get it up, along with those fancy division videos. Thanks Ruth!

It’s up!

Shoutout to Jeremy Germita for providing us with those Monte Carlo Simulations.

Awesome show, as usual. These GameSense folks know what’s up. Amazing production and I was honored to be a guest.

I do have a correction; 1678 is definitely a human loader bot not a landfill bot. I’ve seen dozens of their matches so must have been some cerebral flatulence there.

Thanks Evan, Ty, Navid, Francis, and Stephanie for putting these on. I only wish I had time enough to watch every show.

Thanks again to our fantastic guests tonight Chris Hibner, Nathan Streeter, Stephen McKinney and Jamee Luce for talking robots with us!

If you watched the live show, you saw that we had a bit of a technical issue towards the very end, between the Carver and Curie segments. As such, the YouTube recording is giving us some problems, and is split in to two parts:

Part 1
Part 2

Both are on the Season 2 playlist as well. I’m hoping to have these cleaned up and stitched together soon.

Also, if you missed it, we announced the 1st annual GameSense Meet & Greet! We wanted to make a point to meet up with all of our great fans at Champs, so during the lunch break on either Thursday or Friday we’ll have a get-together somewhere in the convention center, complete with swag and prizes!

More info will be coming out soon, make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook & Twitter) for more updates on the time and location.

ssshh, don’t tell anyone

We didn’t spend the first 2 weeks of build season a ground intake just to never use it… oh wait… nevermind.

We’ve had a lot of requests for a podcast version of the show, so we thought we would give it a try!

Got a long flight, bus/car/van/train ride to St. Louis and want something to listen to? We’ve got all four parts of the Saturday’s show available as mp3s!

Part 1: Archimedes and Tesla with Chris Hibner from 51
Part 2: Carson and Galileo with Nathan Streeter from 1519
Part 3: Hopper and Newton with Stephen Mckinney from 987
Part 4: Carver and Curie with Jamee Luce from 2648

Hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think!

We always enjoy listening to these. Thank you guys for all the time and effort you put into this!

Thank you for taking the time to put this together, guys. Very fun to listen to. Also, thanks for the mp3 version!

Nathan & 1519, looking forward to meeting our NE counterpart tomorrow!