GameSense Presents the RoboSports Network

GameSense is doing some re-branding and expanding in anticipation of awesome changes coming very soon!

Read the blog post for the full story!

Since we first began, our organization has come to be known as GameSense. And while we will never change the name of our flagship program, we feel that it’s time to change what we publicly call ourselves to better reflect the myriad of projects we currently do, and set us up to do even more in the future.

With that in mind, we are happy to announce the formation of the RoboSports Network!

What does this mean today for you, the fan and viewer? It means that while all our shows will continue as normal, they will no longer by “Behind the Lines by GameSense”, or “GameSense by GameSense” (eeck!). They will instead be brought to you under the RSN umbrella.

Changing our organization’s name to RSN is the first step in this multi-year plan. The second step, is to grow the team!

We’re ecstatic to announce the new members of RSN

Clinton Bolinger
Team: 2337 — The Enginerds from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Nick Lawrence
Team: 3940 — Cybertooth from Kokomo, Indiana

Mason Markee
Team: 118 — Robonauts from League City, Texas (most recently)

Adrienne Emerson
Team 148— Robowranglers from Greenville, Texas

You can expect to see these folks on screen during RSN shows, as well as working behind the scenes on current and future projects with the regular crew of Evan, Francis, Ruth, Steph, and Ty.

Finally it is time to ONCE AGAIN mention our strict policy on not making announcements about future announcements. Because of that, we are unable to tell you about the absolutely exciting, off the chain, dope as heck news that we are incredibly excited to tell the world about next Tuesday. Unrelated to that, you should really follow us on Facebook and Twitter right now so you don’t miss any of the cool things that are happening with RSN!

So basically Gamesense is like Sportscenter while RSN is ESPN?

Can’t wait to hear what the future holds!

Sort of, except it’s not new every day and isn’t showing reruns at 2am.

Yes. Except for the whole giant dumpster fire thing that is ESPN.


Will still be a hub for GS info? Or will it be redirected to the RSN website?

It’s not complete yet, but we’re working on the transition from to By the time GameSense goes live on RSN for the 2017 season, we’ll have ready.

Francis O’Rourke, the Master of Preterition

Even Cicero is jealous.

im not supporting this because i find change to be a deliberate personal attack to promote fear

sounds great tho

Are you concerned that RSN may be confused with the Royal School of Needlework or the Republic of Singapore Navy?

I’ll tell you what you can do with your change!

First Chezy Champs, now this! You guys are killing me! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why we have this policy. Imagine what would happen if I did pre-announce the awesome news!

Also, where’s the Kappa emote on CD? Can’t seem to find it.


I used this for a while and was great until goblins started showing up everywhere one day. ::rtm::