[GameSense] Tuesday - District Champs Pt. 1 with Nick Lawrence!


If your team is in Oregon, Washington, or Indiana, this weekend is the time to punch your ticket to St. Louis. If you’re not, this is your chance to get a sneak peak into Championship level gameplay. It’s time for district championships baby!

Can’t get enough FIRST? Watch GameSense TUESDAY (yes, this is a change) from 9-10 PM ET, 6-7 PM PT for our first of two District Championship Specials!

This week, we are joined by Nick Lawrence! Nick is a mentor for team 3940, CyberTooth, a volunteer extraordinaire, and is an intern at AndyMark. This week, we’re going to take a look back and see if what we discussed last week about can-burgling held true, and look forward to the first two district championships in Indiana and the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be going over whos-who in these districts, what the eliminations are going to look like, and who are bets are to take the district crowns.

Stay tuned after the show for our weekly 30 minute Q&A with the Twitch.tv chat. Ask us anything through our chat bot, GameSenseBot, and we might pick your question to discuss after the show. The Q&A is not part of the video on Youtube after the show, so the only way to see it is if you watch us live.

So, let’s talk robots, TUESDAY at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT at frcgamesense.com!

Hey all,

We realize that this is at the same time as FRC Top 25, but it was the only time we could find that was both early enough to be relevant and on a date that all of the show members could be in attendance.

If you’re unable to watch live, please remember that our VOD will be available immediately after the show!

Will you be discussing Chairman’s at all? It would be great to see some informed discussion about the competition for the Chairman’s slots at the DCMPs.

This new timeslot is much more convenient for watching due to teams travelling for events, you should keep it on Tuesday imo.

Even for someone with a home regional, most teams who would be into this stuff are still working this late. I’d love for this to be here in the future. Maybe Top 25 could move to Wednesdays and get more time for ballots?

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Forgetting for a second that tomorrow is Ivy League Decision Day, now I have a really hard decision to make: FRC Top 25 or GameSense? Arguably the most important decision of the season so far.

I’d also like to see FRC Top 25 move to Wednesday for extra balloting time.

As posted on the FRCTop25 facebook…

Hey everyone! Quick heads up about tonight’s show. We will be moving the start of our show to 10PM EST to avoid people needing to “choose” between Top 25 and GameSense. Now you get to watch both!

Be sure to catch Nick Lawrence and the GameSense Crew 9-10PM EST at http://frcgamesense.com/watchlive.html

and then switch on over to www.FRCTop25.com/watch at 10PM EST to hear about this past weekends events and the Top 25 for Week 5!

It’s an action packed night of FRC webshows!

A huge thank you to you guys for accommodating. We’ve been successfully able to avoid conflicting show times up until now, but unfortunately this week’s GameSense episode was sandwiched by travel and scheduling conflicts on all fronts, and we were unable to move it earlier. We’ll do our best to end on time, and definitely give a shout-out at the end for people to head over to Top25.

Class act by Top 25, the real winner here is the community.

Once again, thank you to Nick Lawrence for joining us as our guest!

If you didn’t catch it live, check out the episode here on Youtube.

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