Gaming adapter power problem

Our team is having some trouble connecting our gaming adapter to the power distribution board. Where should we hook it up?

It plugs into the 12v DC socket next to the cRIO power socket.

We tried that, but it didn’t work. Is there any way to tell which wire is + or -?

It sounds like you could use the power distribution schematic.

The wire with the white stripe is positive.

The white stripe indicates POSITIVE.

Wire it in reverse and the wireless adaptor will burn out.
Of course, if you’ve already wired it backwards, then you probably need to buy a WET610N as a replacement.

That is incorrect. The wire with the white stripe is the positive wire.

Whoops. I didn’t have anything to check if I was correct so I added the “I believe” at the beginning. I should probably remember that for future information though. Thanks for correcting me.

Get the documentation from the page. The information you want is on page 8 of the Chapter 3 document.

Note: it is the positive wire which bears the stripe.

We have successfully powered the wireless game controller. The wire with the white stripe is, indeed, the positive connection.

Thanks! As it turned out, we did in fact fry it, but we got a new one and it’s working great. Thanks!