Gaming Router/Adapter

How does a new D-Link connect to the gaming Router/Adapter?

The D-Link replaces the old gaming adapter and connects with ethernet to the cRIO.

wait!!?!?!?!?!?! so what does the clam connect to!?!?!?!?!?!?

Read this thread:

but how do you get the 2009 linksys router to connect to the d-link without reconfiguring it

You don’t. ::rtm::

The router and gaming adapter from 2009-10 are not used this year. The D-Link router goes on the robot in place of the gaming adapter. The Driver’s Station connects directly to the D-Link without using the Linksys router.

ok the router from last year will not connect to the new one and we have done everything one the first website to the t

They are not meant to connect. The D-Link router connects to the cRIO and replaces the gaming adapter. The Classmate (or whatever you choose to use for your Driver’s Station) connects to the D-Link through the wireless network it broadcasts after you configure it as an Access Point.

You do not need to reconfigure the Linksys router because it is not being used this season.

See “How to Configure Your Radio:”

Will using last year’s radio and linksys router still work (for a practice robot, not the competition one) with the 2011 control system stuff?

Yes last year’s setup will still work with the new software since the system still communicates in the same way. We are currently still using our 2010 setup to test the line tracking code.