Gap Under Sally Port

Is there a gap under the sally port? Looking at the field drawings and under some of the construction plans there might be a gap under the sally port. Maybe I am seeing it wrong anybody else have any clarification.

No gap.
I’ll look for a photo when I get home.

Hmmm, I just checked the CAD. There is a 1in gap underneath.

There is a one inch gap according to official documentation. According to the manual:

The Sally Port is a door ¼” thick, 4 ft. wide, 2 ft. tall that can only swing toward the NEUTRAL
ZONE. The opening is 3 ft. 6 in. wide. The top of the door is 2 ft. 1 in. from the surface of the

If the top of the door is 2 feet 1 inch from the platform and the door is 2 feet high. Simple subtraction will show a one inch gap.

There is clearance at the bottom for the sally port to swing open freely.
If that’s what you mean by a gap, then I misunderstood.

Expect some sag over the full width of the door, especially after a few weekends of robots smashing into it…

Never, NEVER, **NEVER **trust the field drawings! We learned this on Aerial Assist when the frisbee slots were about 1.5" away from where they were documented to be. If the field specifies an 0.1" tolerance, plan on a 1/2" tolerance. If they specify a 1" tolerance, plan on 6".

I do not believe there is SUPPOSED to be a gap but if you are reading the field prints there is a 1" gap. I did not have a chance to venture into Q & A to look to see if there was a question and answer session on it.

Team Redacted used the gap to their advantage.
I’d agree with the above statements about field variability, though. Especially the disc slots in Aerial Assist. Those were crazy.

Ultimate Ascent?

Last year my team learned the hard way not to trust team field-constructed elements either. Especially if not constructed by your own team!

At our second regional we converted our robot to be a chute-fed tote stacker, with a ramp that was meant to butt up against the chute door (yes, chute door). We built it in our pits and tested it with the wooden feeder station in the practice area. Confident that it worked, we marched out to our next match and sat by the feeder. The match started, we fed our first tote, and… it got stuck. That’s when we discovered that we had built our ramp 1/2" too high. :mad:

Yes, yes it was. Up too late last night.

Here’s a photo showing the gap at the hinge side, from the Kickoff field revealed in Manchester.

Do note the potentially bumper ripper bolts along the bar on the back of the door.

I doubt the actual competition field elements will have bolts hanging out that far. I’d say the one used at kickoff was a prototype.

If the actual Sally Ports that we get for the PNW district look like that they will get cut flush with the nuts before they go to an event. That is a safety hazard for the humans that will be transporting them.