Garage Sales

So my friend and I were driving around and we saw 2 sheets of 1/8th inch lexan at a garage sale. The price tag said 5 dollars each. We bought it, of course, and the lady said she had a full shed of it. She let us take about 2 sheets worth of scrap and said we could have it since we went through the trouble of getting it out of her shed. So keep your eyes out teams at garage sales, you will never know what you might find.

I was able to pick my team up a $10 belt sander and a $2 Extreme 3d pro joystick, both in working condition. It was pretty cool.

This is kind off topic but I found a perfectly functional Wii this Early May for $15. I looked at tools, but there wasn’t anything that caught my interest for the price.

Spring and Summer are awesome for finding tools and electronics, people will throw out or sell just about anything these days.

be careful about buying old lexan. it tends to degrade over time and becomes more brittle.

Garage Sailing is a wonderful sport. Go out with $20 in your pocket and see what they have. Tools and Materials are my biggest finds, but on occasion you’ll find someone’s old engineering textbooks or something cool like that.

Always say it’s for your high school robotic team and haggle on price. Worst case is they say no and you pay what they were asking.