Garmin LIDARLite v3

We are trying to use the LIDARLite v3 for distance measurement. We are not sure how to program it in C++ and cannot find any resources to do so. Do you have to import any libraries or add any vendor libraries? Do you have any example code you are willing to share? Thank you for your help!

This depends on how you decide to connect the LIDAR-Lite v3 (and this should be influenced by what you’ll need to do with it), as it can be connected to an I2C bus or can output PWM.

If you wish to communicate with the LIDAR-Lite over I2C, WPILib has an I2C class which will help you read and write its registers.

If you want to just read the PWM signal, you’ll want to wire it to the roboRIO DIO pins. The WPILib Counter class will help you decode the signals.