Gas R/C car

anon96464947 instead of three posts in a row you can edit them into one post. Im no hipicrit so ill tell you i did it too when i started here and you find you get less angry messages if you try and not post in a row. As to Sanddrag i agree the unless you use a tensioner chain would be a mistake, however im not so sure about not using springs. Keep in mind the various springs available to consumers and their properties. Ive seen springs used for everything and anything and im sure the proper spring would achieve the result desired for this RC.

I would just bolt the chainsaw engine straight to the chassis, you will probably want to isolate the electronics, mainly the receiver, somehow in a “vibration proof” box.

I would not use any T-maxx steering linkages/bell-cranks either because:

A. they only use one steering servo so you would have to modify it
B. the truck you are going to be building is probably going to be much heavier than a T-maxx
C. you could probably make something a lot more simple and stronger than the T-maxx steering linkages/bell-cranks
D. they are all plastic

You are most likely going to want something a lot “beefier” than T-maxx stuff being that a T-maxx is built around an engine that weighs probably under a pound, not an engine that weighs more than the whole truck itself.

Not sure what you are doing with shocks, but you don’t want to use those either.

so yea, now i have the whole control system and the chain saw(which i still need to get gas line for) i will be doing more with it after i am done painting my car, which has consumed my life til i am done