Gas Springs Allowed ?

I’m not sure what you call these things in the US, and I’m not sure whether they are considered pneumatic components because they do not connect to any pneumatic system. The Question is ‘Are gas springs allowed (COTS, unmodified) ?’ (The sort of thing used to hold up auto tailgates).

Yes, gas springs are allowed. Last year, we (217) designed our arm with a gas spring, but had to remove it because of weight. This year, we plan to use gas springs again for our lifting mechanism (whatever it may be ;)).

<R91> has your answer.

Can someone explain what advantages a gas spring has over a regular spring or elastic part?

First thing that comes to mind is that the is no material that has to flex that could wear out or whatever. They probably weigh more than a regular spring… Actually I dunno. If there were raised areas in the playing field this year I wanted to bust up some of these rolley chairs in the classrooms where we work, and jack the little gas shock type deals to use as shocks for our bot. As it is I guess we get to focus more on a grabber thingy. Dangit Im off topic again.

For one thing, gas springs are safer than coil springs since a smooth piston is usually the only exposed moving part. 'No place to get yourself pinched.

And a gas spring is less likely to go flying if it gets dislodged.