Gas springs legality

I read the following rule:


For the purposes of the FIRST competition, closed-loop pneumatic (gas) shocks are not
considered pneumatic devices, and are permitted additions to the ROBOT.

Does this say that I’m allowed to use gas springs such as those on 5 door cars (on the fifth door) that helps lift the baggage?

Please answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advanced,
Team 2217

Yes, it means you are allowed to use those type gas springs as used on cars.

Thanks for the fast help!!!:slight_smile:

Looks like team 2217’s problems are solved.

I’m probably wrong, but aren’t their special shipping rules for shipping gas springs?

Not in FIRST shipping rules.

There may not be rules against them, but you might want to remove the gas spring for shipping purposes anyway.

Last year we used one on the arm and one to open our ramp, and we didn’t have any problems. We took them off the bot and put them in the crate seperately for shipping. As long as you remember that gas springs cannot be shipped vai airplane, and you are careful about packing them so they won’t be dented or punctured, you’ll be fine.