Gates free belt issues?

We placed an order two weeks ago on the Gates website for two belts to finish out our drive system. As of close of business today, they have yet to arrive. I’ve been in contact with Gates, and they’ve indicated their website has had issues communicating with the third party company that fulfills the orders but that “Your parts will get delivered. There have just been some setbacks.”

I know website issues happen (finding and fixing them is a significant part of my work day), and I appreciate Gates’ generous offer but we’re getting to crunch time here. It’s about $30 at AndyMark to replace the belts we need, but I hate to cut bait.

Has anyone that requested belts from Gates directly gotten them, or at least a tracking number?

We are the same boat you are.

We received ours yesterday, from an order placed about a week and a half ago. They showed up out of the blue, no tracking information or notification they had been shipped.

We had similar issues in 2011. As I recall, it was 3 or 4 weeks between when we placed the order to when we had the product in-hand.

We had a great response from Gates in Brantford, Ontario. Their website isn’t the easiest to follow but one of their staff was a great help to members of our design team in specifying belts, pulleys and idlers for our custom 2-speed gearboxes. The parts arrived in 2 days - no charge.

See what posting on Chief Delphi will do. Ours came today!! :slight_smile:

As did ours. Phew!

We ordered our free belts way-early, and they came in about 4 days. We didn’t know what sizes we’d need, so we picked some “standard” sizes. In a situation like this, I think I would order the belts from or another supplier and let the Gates free belts become spares when they arrive.