Gathering mechanism????

my team is thinkin some sort of street sweeping thing.
what are you guys thinkin of to gather balls??


plastic magnets

Some sort of Conveyor belt. But that’s not the whole team, just a couple of us. Not much agreeing going on at this moment.

I think that using conveyor belts will be an effective way to gather game pieces. Some of the other team members like the idea; in fact, using conveyor belts to gather game pieces was the first thing they thought of.

by street sweep do you mean like the shooter mech on this robot run in reverse?

Haha yea my team we’re thinking of gathering the balls also. We did a prototype with conveyor belts it works ok. I wouldn’t say its a great idea though…=/…

It would be great if teams posted pictures of their 2006 bots for inspiration

belt/tread or “beater bar” <–figure out what that is you might just like it :slight_smile:

Don’t forget some motors and stuff, I hear those help

In all seriousness, just look at any intake system from 06, 02 and a few from 01.

Personal favorites: 254/968 from 06 + 111 from 02 + 1114 from 06= Pwnbot

We’re going to try that approach this season. So far, it’s failing miserably.

So instead, we are looking at a conveyor-belt, but are still not sure of how or what we’re going to launch them with, or if we should just try the store-and-dump approach.

Buy this book.

It has many of the best robots of Aim High all bound together with lots of great background information on all of them.

Polycarbonate Rake Of Doom, or P.R.O.D. for short…

27, 254/968, 1114, 499/70 all had great systems to retreive balls from the floor.

Strange thing is, if you go back and watch '06 games almost ALL of these teams used the human players to fill their robots. It was just quicker and faster than chasing down rolling balls.

And of course there was that one team 25 that never really bothered to pick them up at all… that robot was pretty good :wink:

But will human loading be effective in '09?
-You may score in your own goal.
-You have to not move while being filled.


'95’s 2002 ball gobbling]( device is very good.

One of the best ideas we came up with on kickoff was to have a big black box on the robot, which we run a huge bundle of the wires through. On the box will be a three way switch between ‘Magic’, ‘More Magic’, and ‘???’. EDIT: This box would of course do nothing.

As far as gathering balls goes, we prototyped a spinning bar with little sticks sticking out, grabbing the balls in through the holes. This worked well, and rarely repelled the ball, hitting it in the wrong spot.

Does anybody else really like these balls? I think they make a pretty fantastic game piece. Beats 08 and 06 for sure. I admit ours has broken, but the average field ball won’t have gone through nearly as much abuse as this one has… :eek:


I like that idea. Do it! (might want to put it on the OI, otherwise it’s dead weight…)

That term came up in discussion yesterday. I think it was related to the switch on the appliance in Spaceballs

Velcro… wow i can’t belive i the first to think of this…:slight_smile: