Gathering online resources for teams

Hi all,

I am trying to figure some online resources out that would be helpful for teams, and I thought the more people we have thinking about this, the better.

Any good suggestions? I am looking for links to websites that will be good for teams to know, such as good sources for technical info, about running a team, about doing a good chairman entry, or just finding some useful information about the competition. I’ve done a search looking for online resources in the forums, but couldn’t find much specifics. So that’s why I got this thread started.

If someone can point me to an existing thread, that will be great. If not, then every year we can build on this list to make it bigger and better.


-Ken L

From the creators of nuts and volts:
The only magazine dedicated to all forms of robotics. I have to see how it is but it should be interesting to read. There is also a giant book out with robot websites.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re talking about, but has scouting information (or at least it will when the season starts). Though I’m sure you’re looking for parts, this is a useful site too.


Great idea. I’ve been hoping that we could some how get all these links in one place.

Here are some useful links I’ve gathered in regards to this year’s controller.

The following links pertain to gearing.

Once the season starts, people are going to be looking for webcasts and the such.

This is all that I can come up with. As I gather more links, I’ll be sure to post them here.