Gauge Locations

Does the Stored or Working gauges have to be directly connected to the regulator or in line with the compressor to the relief valve? The question is, can the gauges be put somewhere else and tubing connect them into the right order? They would be properly marked. thanks.

I haven’t seen any rules about the locations or connections of pneumatic components, aside from the location of the pressure relief valve required to be on the compressor, and the fact that you need to use parts that are rated for the pressure.

So I would relocate them as you find necessary.

We have traditionally mounted them to a manifold/tee on the compressor and one of the regulator outputs to minimize connectors. However, putting them where they are visible is probably more important than minimizing tubing runs, especially if these runs do not carry air on its way to a solenoid valve, but are “dead ends” of the air distribution system.

Gages need to be where the can be easily read. Making the tubing so it can be easily traced good practice.