Gazibo exporting-collision models

So we have been trying to export our robot out of solidworks and into gazibo but we keep running into this problem. In the guide it says “create collision models” and it shows the collison model and the visual model in the same configurations tab but it does not show how to get the models in there together. Maybe there is a simple solution that I have simply overlooked. for reference, here is the guide that I am using. This is the only one as far as I know. I am using solidoworks 2016.

In the example all part models are in the same assembly file and simply suppressed or unsuppressed in the different configurations. It just so happens that in the example all parts were left unsuppressed in the collisions configuration in order to better show how the collision models overlap. There is no need to have both collision models and the visual models visible at the same time, but there is also no reason not to.

p.s. I actually wrote the SolidWorks plugin and those tutorials, and am super happy to see someone using it! Let me know if you have any issues or any feedback.

hey I know this is quite a delayed reply, but I was wondering it it would be possible for you or someone you know to make a video on how to export the models from solidworks for gazibo. doesnt need to be fancy, just needs to have all the steps shown clearly unlike that wpi page that skips some important ones.